Okay – mark your calendars: I now have dates for the fall show I’m doing with Leo Wesson and Kipp Baker at Gallery 414. Opening will be Saturday, October 22 from 6 to 9 PM; show will be up from October 22 through November 20, and the gallery will be open during that period on Saturdays and Sundays. Gallery 414 is located at 414 Templeton, in Fort Worth, just north of 7th Street and east of University Drive. Kipp, Leo and myself are still working on what to call the show and identifying an overarching theme.  I’ll be showing mostly recent […]

Update – show this fall at Gallery 414

Artspace 111 3rd Annual Regional Juried Exhibition
Once again I have the honor of having a piece accepted in the Artspace 111 Regional Juried Exhibition — a smallish work entitled Texting Man. Hope to see you at the opening.   Opening Reception Friday,  June 24, 2016 5:00pm to 8:30pm Exhibition on Display June 24 – August 6, 2016   Look for more of my work this fall at Gallery 414, where I’ll be in a three person show with old friends Kipp Baker and Leo Wesson.

Artspace 111 Third Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Just a quick “reserve this date” thing. I’m on the calendar, awaiting final dates for a show this fall at Gallery 414, here in Fort Worth.  I’ll be showing there with a couple of old long-time photographer friends, Kipp Baker and Leo Wesson. Still in the planning stages, but should be mostly new paintings, with a few older, larger pieces. Plus photos by Leo and Kipp! Once I have more information, I’ll be posting  updates.

Preliminary announcement: show this fall

Mike Brutal Comic, 1970
I posted an old photo from high school today on Facebook and old of my old buddies, Dan Brekke, asked about some of the comics I used to do for our school paper. I scoured around through a bunch of ancient paper my better half hasn’t found and tossed but alas couldn’t find the comic Dan was probably referring to:  a political cartoon having to do with the Chicago 7 trial in 1970. But I did find this bit of gleefully disgusting bit of nonsense that appeared on the back page of our high school paper, the Crete-Monee Spectator, in […]

Mike Brutal, Oct. 1970

Quick note: I’ll be in a group show at Gallery 414 this year during Fall Fort Worth Gallery Night, which falls on September 12 this year. The show is titled “Twentysomething” – I assume because the participants will be 20 artists who haven’t previously shown in the space. Gallery 414 is located at 414 Templeton, just off University Drive and 7th Street. Thanks to artist John Hartley who thought of me when putting together the list of artists to be invited. I’ll post more as we get closer to Gallery Night.


Woo hoo! The new Ralph Art website is now officially live!  I cut over the DNS for https://ralphwordpress02-ralphart.rhcloud.com a little while ago, so now the redesigned site is the one you’ll see when you go there. If you are curious or bored, the old site, with all its warts and poor display on mobile devices, is still visible at http://old.ralphart.com. The last redesign (mostly just a reskinning) took place about 3 years ago (give or take). I’ll probably leave it there for a while, for curiosity sake. The new site has (in my opinion) a much improved organization, with lots […]

Ralph Art Website relaunched

Found out last week that I had a piece accepted in the Artspace 111 2nd Regional Juried Exhibition  – the Sleeper with Cat, painted earlier this year. The  juror was Vernon Fisher, who I studied with, lo these many years ago at UNT. The exhibition will be open June 26th through August 7th with an opening reception on the evening of June 26th, from 5 PM until 8:30 PM (or until they can chase everybody out).  

Artspace 111 2nd Regional Juried Exhibition

Just doing the soft launch of the new Ron Crouch /  Ralph Art website. For now the URL is http://new.ralphart.org. After I’ve made sure I’ve gotten all the rough edges sanded away I’ll be changing that to http://www.ralphart.org. The old site is still at https://ralphwordpress02-ralphart.rhcloud.com — haven’t quite decided what to do with that. I may eventually point that at *this* site. If you see a problem, email me or direct message my Twitter account @RalphArt. I’m using responsive design (should look good on desktop/mobile/tablet) and hosting it on Openshift.com.

New website!

The most debilitating thing from a creative point of view is what I call “fear of bad art.” It’s when, rather than make some piece of art that turns out badly, you’d rather make nothing at all. Guess what: that means you’re doomed to never make anything. You might as well admit it now and start selling your paints. Fear of bad art is really about fear of taking risks.  If you aren’t willing to fall flat on your face you’ll never do anything.  And guess what: you never completely get over it. I’ve been staring at a painting that’s […]

Fear of bad art

Once upon a time, I liked coming up with what I considered at the time “clever” titles. I aspired to have them be poetic, quirky, enigmatic, witty. At the time I was painting these big abstract color field paintings (this was circa 1974). Sample title from my undergraduate days: “Possessing not the dancer’s grace, I turn instead to wine.” Oh I loved that title. Better, it must be confessed, than the actual piece I’d assigned it to. I’m not sure I can say why those big abstracts had the long flowery titles. It probably had most to do that I […]


Finished a painting of my friend Kipp the other day which turned out pretty well. I actually thought to take progression photos along the way (smartphones are actually good for something other than texting), and thought it might be of interest to others to see how a painting takes shape. First — I usually start off by doing an underpainting or sketch in burnt sienna. This gives a warm undertone to things I find appealing. At this point I’m primarily looking at getting proportions and basic placement the way I want it. If you look closely you’ll see a light […]

A painting progression – Kipp

After a prolonged period of non-art production, I’ve actually been fairly busy, comparatively speaking, since last December. The other day I finished “Texting Women” (title subject to change), which I started not too long ago. Apologies for the awful photo; it was shot with my cell phone. Done in oils, finished size is 30 x 40. Source: Ralph Art Blog

New Painting: Texting Women