I always remember being able to draw, even before I could write, and I knew I was going to be an artist. I’ve had a few detours as life has progressed, including a stent as an IT professional, managing web servers, but continue to make art as much as possible. I hope you enjoy some of the images I’ve posted. 

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  • A socially distanced summer

    If you’re reading this I’m glad because it means hopefully you are well.

    Here we are, almost to August, and…well, I’m still here. I’ve been working my day job remotely (in my studio/office) for over 5 months, trying not to get too batty.

    Life has found an uneasy equilibrium, alternating between boredom and low-level undifferentiated panic. You’d think working from home I’d get more art made but you’d be wrong. The Fall will be better, I tell myself.

    I was accepted in two shows that started out as normal physical exhibits in real space, which turned into virtual, online shows, thanks to the Covid-19 need for Social Distancing (which – don’t misread this – I think is absolutely necessary). I’ve got a piece in another show – the 2020 TAC Small Works Show – which you can actually see hanging in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.

    And although I didn’t get in the ArtSpace 111 Juried Competition, I’m included the Artspace111 Texas Now Online Showcase, which is everyone who entered the Juried Competition. A pretty cool idea, and I salute who ever came up with it.

    And it looks like my Solo show at Fort Worth Community Arts Center may actually happen, albeit with some changes in how the FWCAC hosts openings (for obvious reasons). The show is slated to be up from October

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