I’ve recently started posting drawings of my cats (with the occasional cat painting) with the hashtag #Caturday on Saturday mornings, on Instagram and Facebook. Mostly they are just quick little sketches on 5 x 8 sketchbooks. They aren’t much but they are fun to do. Enjoy! (and follow me on Instagram!)

Cat Drawings

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the the site.  The last 15 months have been pretty eventful. We had to put my poor, sick Hobbes (the ginger thug) down back in October of 2016. After a decent interval, two new cats joined the household: Baxter and O’Malley.  In December of 2016, Dorothy and I and the boys took a trip to NYC…

Update – show this fall at Gallery 414

Okay – mark your calendars: I now have dates for the fall show I’m doing with Leo Wesson and Kipp Baker at Gallery 414. Opening will be Saturday, October 22 from 6 to 9 PM; show will be up from October 22 through November 20, and the gallery will be open during that period on Saturdays and Sundays. Gallery 414 is located at 414 Templeton, in…

A painting progression – Kipp

Finished a painting of my friend Kipp the other day which turned out pretty well. I actually thought to take progression photos along the way (smartphones are actually good for something other than texting), and thought it might be of interest to others to see how a painting takes shape. First — I usually start off by doing an underpainting or sketch in burnt sienna.…

New Painting: Texting Women

After a prolonged period of non-art production, I’ve actually been fairly busy, comparatively speaking, since last December. The other day I finished “Texting Women” (title subject to change), which I started not too long ago. Apologies for the awful photo; it was shot with my cell phone. Done in oils, finished size is 30 x 40. Source: Ralph Art Blog