It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s really hard to make a living as an artist.  Almost all of my artist friends –  even the best of them – have had to do other things to actually support themselves. The lucky ones teach; others work in grocery stores, sell hardware, work construction – you name it.

This section shows some of what I’ve to support myself in a non-artistic way. I include design work since  commercial art is to fine art what martial law is to civil law: close but no cigar.

Elsewhere I’ve given a quick synopsis of my work life. Think of it as a narrative resume, without dates and professional aspirations.

Colortile – I worked here for 2 months, mostly doing packaging design.

Pier 1 Imports – I free-lanced and later worked here full-time; did ads (now lost), in-store handouts, and package design.

Bombay – I did free-lance product design (they were delightful to work with!), including a series of novelty side tables, and several years worth of nutcrackers.

Miscellaneous – every now and then I’ve done an illustration for my church (Broadway Baptist), used for their order of worship.