Set up a JavaScript-based MIDI Web Jukebox!

The JavaScript Jukebox has become, sadly, a bit of an anachronism in today's internet. In the days of dialup, MIDI music files reigned supreme. Now with Broadband and streaming MP3s (and the deprecations of Harry Fox) MIDI files are pretty relegated to ringtones for your cell. The following is no longer actively maintained and is presented as a curiosity and a piece of my personal coding history.

Mini-Jukebox Instructions
Small and discrete, the way any portable device should be!
Original Jukebox Instructions
Have more music than will fit the Mini-Jukebox? Check out the original.
Technical Support
I'm no longer supporting the Jukeboxes. You're reasonably clever -- you should be able to figure this stuff out!
Midi Resources
Starting points for MIDI files and recommended browser plug-ins and MIDI devices drivers.

Test Drive the JavaScript Jukeboxes!