I have a lot of friends in the art world; allow me to give a brief shout out to some of them (and links! Gotta have links!). You’ll notice the main thing most of us share is time together at TCU.  And dear friends – if you have a preferred link that I missed, let me know, and I’ll happily change it. Thanks!

In no particular order:

Ann Ekstrom – a wonderful painter who I have known since we were sophomores together at TCU. She has shown me incredible kindness and support over the years (I once lived in the back section of a house she rented).

Kipp Baker – photographer extraordinaire, who has shared many a martini, as well as Deep Thoughts, on the nature of art, creation and the perfect ratio of gin to vermouth.

Leo Wesson– another photographer extraordinaire (I seem to know a lot of photographers) I met during my brief tenure at Pier 1. He’s shot a lot of my art over the years – for which I have never adequately paid him back.

John C. Moore – also a long-time friend from TCU days. Painter, actor, director, educator – the man is a legend, or should be.

Jim Woodson – one of my painting instructors at TCU. His fame continues to spread – he was named Texas State Artist in 2013.

Nancy Lamb – it’s hard to know what to say about the fabulous Nancy Lamb – she is not only a brilliant painter but one of the nicest people I know. I first met her at the TCU Metal Gym, back in the day, when we were both Nordan Fine Art Scholars.

Marshall Harris – like me, Marshall has had an interesting mix of careers; while mine veered off into the IT world, his includes playing 6 years in the National Football League (1980-86). Recipient of the 2013 Hunting Art Prize. Another TCU connection.

Carol Ivey – after seeing Carol at pretty much every art event I was attending, I finally went up and introduced myself. It was a wise decision – she is a wonderful painter and teacher.

John Hartley –  I met John years ago, and admired his work, only to discover recently he lives about 3 blocks from me. Small world! He graciously reached out to me to exhibit at Gallery 414, where he is the director.

Leticia Eldredge – painter, ceramicist and performance artist. We first met at TCU when she did an artist’s talk (back in the day). She seems to circle back into my life whenever I need inspiration and/or advice.

Bill and Pam Campbell – own the William Campbell Contemporary Art Gallery over on Ft. Worth’s west side, and constantly present great art. I try to never miss an opening. Nice, nice, nice folks.

…To everyone else, I’m continuing to add to this list. Don’t be insulted if I forgot to add you the first go around.