I work like a dog. My schedule makes it difficult to catch me these days.

Best way to get in touch is through LinkedIn  or, to the embarrassment of my children, on Facebook.

Barring that, send me an email. I’ll get back to you, as long as you aren’t trying to sell me “herbal enhancements” or offering to make me rich if only I’ll help the family of a dead foreign official get a bunch of money out of a Swiss bank account.

You can also leave a message on my GoogleVoice number below, although I reserve the right to post any and all messages left there that strike me as worthy of mockery.

I make no promises on how quickly voicemail or email will be returned. I get a ton of spam (voice and email).

You’ve been warned.

GoogleVoice: (817) 727-4841
E-mail: [email protected]