Talking about technical updates to a website – boy, that’s some exciting stuff.  Okay, so here are the major improvements.

  • New theme (re-skin) is cleaner, easier to navigate. At least I hope so
  • Added some functionality (content delivery network) that should make pages load faster, which, on image heavy pages, is a big deal.
  • Started hosting the gallery images on a photo sharing service, should also help page load times.
  • Added a bunch of new images, with more to come.
  • Added a subscription form, so you can sign up to get occasional email updates concerning the site and upcoming shows.

The subscription form is the one I’m most excited about – it lets you add your email to a list (and take it off again) and let’s me use the list to keep in touch. If you’re interested, go to either the signup page or use the quick signup form at the bottom of every page.